Asphalt Paving in Post Falls, ID




We take pride in our operation and our high-value work.
Paving is a passion for our crew members.

We have the nicest finished product available on the asphalt market. From good compaction to quality asphalt hot mix to trucking to road base compaction to grading to experience and training we have the best available on the market.


Step 1: Demolition and Removal​
Step 2: Grading and Sloping
Step 3: Prepare the Sub Base
Step 4: Proof Roll, Undercutting, and Sub Base Repair
Step 5: Binder and Surface Course
Step 7: Butt Joints and Transitions 

American Asphalt - Asphalt Repair


The first thing to consider when planning an asphalt paving project is slope to plan where the water will go, and determine how steep the slope is to see if water will remain or runoff.

The next thing to know is what structural base is required it can be as much as fabric 2 feet of 3in crushed and 4 in of 3/4- crushed or as little as 4in 3/4- crushed it depends on soil type and what is existing base is present as well as the weight of cars or trucks on the asphalt.

The next thing to think is asphalt thickness 2 in for up to 10,000 lb 3 in for up to 20,000 lb and 6in for up to 100,000 lb. We like our customers to be very clear where you want your asphalt installed so we can put it where you want it, does not look very good if you add more asphalt there will be a cold seam. Here at American Asphalt Sealing Inc, we want you to know as much as you can so you can make an informed purchase decision.

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of stone and sand, but it contains petroleum products as an adhesive base. American Asphalt Sealing Inc uses high temperatures to soften, mix, and roll before it cools and becomes a solid driveway.


Pros of an Asphalt Driveway

Cons of an Asphalt Driveway

The initial cost to install asphalt is $2 to $5 per square foot, which is significantly lower when compared to concrete and can save you on your overall driveway paving costs.

The initial price might be cheaper than concrete, but constant maintenance gives asphalt a more expensive life cycle.